Rev. Paul Oakley

Raised in a religious home, as a young adult, Paul left religion for 20 years before finding a spiritual home that fits him in Unitarian Universalism. He prepared for the Unitarian Universalist ministry at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, one of two Unitarian Universalist denominational seminaries. He served three years in internships in the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship in … Continued


Sarah Tayloe Skaar
Director of Religious Education


Marilyn Nash
Administrative Assistant

Marilyn joined the UUFW in 1996 along with her husband Urbie and 3 year old daughter Lauren. She grew up in Texas with a Presbyterian background and after a 20 years hiatus from all religion she and Urbie decided their daughter needed some religious exposure. At the suggestion of a friend they visited UUFW and the rest is … Continued


Charlotte Shnaider
Choir Director and Pianist