Decision Making and Leadership in our Fellowship

As I write this, our annual meeting nears, a time for evaluating and voting on issues of concern to the whole Fellowship. Who will be on the board in the coming fiscal year? Who will represent us as the congregation’s delegate(s) to the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, this year in Kansas City? Do we approve the budget that the elected leaders of the congregation poured many hours into over a few month to hammer out.? In some years there are bylaws changes to consider and vote on. In yet other years, there have been Vision and Mission Statements to consider and vote whether to accept. Perhaps in a year in the near future, we will consider words of covenant that explicitly guide ways we are together in the shared life of this Fellowship.


Beyond all the voting of our conscience that an annual meeting calls on us to do, this meeting also presents us a moral obligation, if your will, to know what is going on in areas of congregational life that are not of first importance to you individually. We receive reports from our leaders on matters of governance and ministry, and it is our responsibility to know what those reports say to us about our chosen community. Is there an area of our Fellowship that you don’t know much about but would like to? The annual meeting and the preparatory documents provided give each of us the opportunity to more fully be members.


I hope each and every member who is well will make an effort to be present for the annual meeting after the service this Sunday, June 10, to participate in the decision making of the congregation.


I want to thank everyone who responded for the call to deliver the food items we collect to the First Presbyterian Food Pantry. I never fully appreciated the work a Social Action Team Leader would need to accomplish to fill such a role. And this year, in the absence of a team leader to handle it, the task fell to me. I made one delivery to First Presbyterian myself while I sorted and matched and considered. There were scheduling constraints in volunteers’ lives that had to be set alongside the work schedule of a staff member at First Presbyterian. There were multiple members who were willing, even anxious to be able to participate in this way, who had to reconsider because of issues that are their own life reality. And finally we came down to an arrangement where Karen Reed is delivering this donated food until the end of June, and then, beginning in July, Joe and Diane Good will deliver our gifts of love to the First Presbyterian Food Pantry. I am overwhelmed with the number of people who wished to participate in this way and hope you will find the right way to contribute from your heart.


And finally, if you have ideas for the development of a ministry team of which you are not currently a member, please consider joining the team and sharing your ideas with me. We are currently looking for ideas and participation particularly in Social Action and in Fellowship and Hospitality. You are the Fellowship. Please consider leadership in these areas.


Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Paul