Ending Child Poverty

This past year, the Social Action Team chose “Ending Child Poverty” as our main focus.  To better educate ourselves, as well as the Fellowship, we presented information regarding this issue on Sunday mornings in our Social Action Focus moments, including statistics from the Children’s Defense Fund report, to local issues and to challenges to the group.

Three workshops were held to further study the issue and to formulate a means of making our concerns known to both senators and representatives to our national congress through the creation of a letter, to be signed by any member who felt compelled to make that stand for our children.  The letters were offered and 75 members signed!  We are so grateful for your commitment!  We also held a Social Justice Sunday, with a moving and informative presentation by the representative of the local United Way, regarding the issues of local poverty issues and what is being done, or what could be done in the future.

We have received 3 replies to our 4 letters sent and are making them available for you to read.  Please pay close attention to the one from Senator Mark Warner, as it speaks most directly to what our concerns were in our letters.  We also have the original letter that was available for your signature.

UUFW Letter on Child Poverty

Reply from Senator Warner

Reply from Senator Kaine

Reply from Representative Goodlatte

We will also be contacting churches in the Waynesboro area to invite them to partner with us in the Ending Child Poverty campaign.  Please look for more information regarding that partnership in the future as plans come together.

Climate Change will be the focus of our Social Action Team work for the coming church year.  We have a team who have been researching and discussing what we can do as a fellowship to address this issue also and will have more direct information at the end of the summer or early fall.