Rev. Paul Oakley

Topic TBA

Rev. Paul is shifting gears from his announced topic. Come and hear what is on his heart.

The Meaning of Membership

On this day of the Annual Meeting of our Fellowship, we count the quorum. How many members are present? Do we have enough to vote on the issues before us this year? Other than voting, though, what is being a member all about?

Inherent Worth and Dignity

This is the eighth and final sermon in our series on Unitarian Universalist principles. First in the list, it seems to challenge the seventh in the list and set up the individualism as the prime value of Unitarian Universalism. What is it really about? And … read more.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

This service is in a Lessons-and-Carols style. With Christmas carols, scripture readings, special music, and words of blessing on this “night when Christ was born,” we recognize with 20th-century UU religious educator Sophia Lyon Fahs that “Every night a child is born is a holy … read more.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Christmas

American poet Wallace Stevens looked at a blackbird thirteen ways that he told us about. We’re looking poetically at Christmas instead of blackbirds, recognizing that it is not just one thing. That it holds importance and value – or sometimes doesn’t – for many different … read more.

Winter Solstice | Yule

No matter what you believe about ultimate things, you know that, at the turning point that is the winter solstice, we go from ever diminishing duration of daylight to ever increasing daylight. Before humanity learned writing, this was recognized as a significant time in our … read more.

Chanukah – It’s Complicated!

The version of Chanukah that has served Jewish children for millennia works if you don’t need it to tell the whole truth. The oil lasted eight days. Miracle! Judaism was saved from a foreign foe. Miracle! Latkes, gelt (chocolate money), dreydl, lighting the chanukiah. Everybody’s … read more.

Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All

In December we hear carols proclaiming “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All!” We never achieve that goal, but having it allows us to do good in the world. In this third sermon of eight in the series on UU Principles, we explore the meaning and … read more.

Bread Service

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we bring homemade breads that are meaningful to us to share with those who have gathered. Grandma’s recipe from the old country. A bread you discovered. We explore the metaphoric and symbolic use of bread as it brings us into … read more.

Conscience and Democracy

In this second of eight sermons on Unitarian Universalist Principles, we look at the Fifth Principle. Unitarian Universalist congregations and our association function democratically and promote the same in the world. And just as the Qur’an says there is no compulsion in matters of faith, … read more.