Vigil for Orlando – Sunday, June 19, 7PM

Vigil for Orlando, 7:00 PM, Sunday, June 19 at UUFW

In the very early morning this past Sunday, an unthinkable tragedy happened, as a gunman entered Pulse, an Orlando gay club, killed 49 people and injured more than 50 others before being killed by a SWAT team.

Inevitably, there were loud, vocal responses from the far Right claiming that the victims got what they deserved. Some found the possibility of the tragedy’s being used to call for gun control to be something to lash out against while never mourning the loss, never respecting the dead. Others, though, have held vigils and special worship services. Near to us, there have been vigils in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and Roanoke, as well as a special prayer service at a local Lutheran church. The First Unitarian Church of Lynchburg has held a vigil.

We too will hold a vigil on Sunday evening one week after the tragic attack. Please plan to attend. If you are able to help with planning, please contact Rev. Paul. The vigil is planned to be outdoors and will last approximately 45-60 minutes.