After Summer Has Ended

The summer sure went quickly. I say that every year it seems, but it wasn’t always that way. If you were like me, summers were long when you were a child and a youth, and it was a big adjustment to be back in school when the summer break ended. Summers had their chores like weeding the garden and mowing the yard, but once those were done, I was free to go up to the woods or over to the river or hop on my bike and ride as far as my energy would take me. It seemed like it would last forever.


Now, summers are a bit different because some people in the Fellowship or in the community have different seasonal activities and destinations – sometimes away at the beach, hiking, canoeing, fishing and such, or traveling far from home. But our Sunday services go on through the summer as through the bulk of the year. In July and August, we had nine services structured on our most common pattern, focused around a sermon provided by clergy. It is, then, the return from summer activities that fills our Fellowship Hall with a hubbub of different activities. In September, there are the Hymn Service, Water Service, “Engagement” Service, and Picnic Service, with only one service featuring a sermon by clergy: my sermon on Food Insecurity. Once we are through this busy month, the fall settles into more predictable patterns.


Of our fall adult classes, one has started, and one begins on Wednesday the 12th. You may look at the plan for these classes on our website at The racial equity class meets once a month and does not require participants to be present every time – though it is encouraged. The class on dealing with our religious past will meet five times and does require an intention of 100% attendance, with no one admitted after the first class. I hope one of these classes meets your needs and interests.


In past years I have posted office hours for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, even including one evening a month, but this year, I will keep regular office hours from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM each Wednesday. If this does not meet your availability, I am always available for an appointment at other mutually appropriate times. Email or call me to schedule. My sermon-writing day, not available for ordinary appointments, is Friday, and Saturday is my regular day off, with adjustments when necessary.


That is all rather ordinary, though specific to this year, but I do want to end with sharing an opportunity. If you would like to meet with me over breakfast at a breakfast joint of your choice to talk about your life, the Fellowship, or your concerns about what is going on in the many arenas of your life and our community – or maybe you just want to shoot the breeze with the minister in a setting away from the Fellowship – please, email or call me to find a mutually suitable morning to sit down together over breakfast before our other activities of the day begin. I have done this with a few of you and really look forward to the possibility of spending time with more of you this way.


Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Paul