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Thoughts on the Notre Dame Fire

On Monday, along with many of you and much of the world, I
watched in shock and sadness as the roof of Notre Dame de Paris burned and the
spire over the crossing collapsed.

Why has this fire hit many of us so hard? Those of us … read more.

Transgender Concerns

Society gives us mixed messages all the time. Sometimes
opposite messages hit us more-or-less simultaneously. This is especially true
of the partial wisdom distilled as proverbs. For example, It’s the thought that
counts vs. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Someone gets you a gift that … read more.

A Ministerial Milestone

It has sometimes felt like an interminable process, but in
today’s mail I received notice that the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC)
of the Unitarian Universalist Association has granted me Final Ministerial Fellowship.
For any of you to whom that might as well be in hieroglyphics, it means that
the … read more.

Snow Days

I am writing this, it is the day after we cancelled services because of winter weather that could have been a lot worse than it was. I hope you were all warm and didn’t have to get out before your streets were plowed and treated. … read more.

Loving the Darkness, Spreading the Light

I am sitting down to write this column on the last night of Chanukah, all eight candles with their helper candle are glowing from a lovely antique chanukiah on our kitchen island. They shine out into our neighborhood. Their glow reflected across the foot-deep snow, … read more.

Gratitude and Meaningful Metaphors

First, I want to thank the twenty-five Fellowship members and Fellowship-adjacent persons who attended the Shabbat service, presentation by Rabbi Peter Grumbacher on the experiences of his father and of his own growing up in the home of a survivor, potluck dinner, and oneg (post-service … read more.

Don’t Be Tricked!

I am writing this on Indigenous Peoples Day. It is still known to many as Columbus Day, despite all the reasons I gave in my sermon yesterday why he is not a hero we should be celebrating.


And on this day, we are in the midst … read more.

After Summer Has Ended

The summer sure went quickly. I say that every year it seems, but it wasn’t always that way. If you were like me, summers were long when you were a child and a youth, and it was a big adjustment to be back in school … read more.