Bylaws enacted by vote of the entire congregation and policies developed and approved by the Board of Directors are the governing documents for the UUFW. During 2015-2016, we transitioned to a policy-based governance model to establish clear responsibility and accountability for achieving our mission and realizing our vision for the future.

UUFW Bylaws

Board Policies  

As a self-governing religious organization, the congregation holds the Board of Directors accountable through the election process. Board members serve two-year terms, which are staggered for continuity. Each year at the Annual Meeting, the congregation elects a vice-president and new Board members to replace those who have completed their two years. The following year, the vice-president becomes president, and the outgoing president remains on the Board as a non-voting member. The Board elects from its members a secretary, a treasurer and chairmen of personnel, stewardship and governance committees. The Board may also create additional ad hoc or standing committees as needs arise.

At the Annual Meeting and any other congregational meeting called for a specific purpose, members are informed on the business of the Fellowship and vote on issues that require congregational approval.

Approved Minutes of the most recent UUFW Annual Meeting


Members have a number of ways in addition to annual meetings to stay informed about the decisions and activities of their representatives on the Board of Directors. They may observe Board meetings, typically on the second Wednesday evening of the month as noted on our calendar. They may attend town hall meetings held at intervals throughout the year to give members an opportunity to hear from Board and Ministry leaders and get answers to their questions. And they may review the minutes of board meetings.

Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors

The UUFW Board of Directors is serious about its responsibility to serve the congregation. Our commitment to this duty is reflected in the covenant we made with each other at the beginning of the church year. We welcome questions, ideas and feedback from all members.