The UUFW Caring Network is a service that connects members who are in need of special assistance or care in times of personal or family crisis. Members are assigned to a Caring Network volunteer who helps to facilitate communication and support action. A listing of our Caring Network volunteers can be found on the monthly newsletter.

The Caring Network was established in 1998 as an organized support system for our UUFW members.  The goal is to provide tangible care for our Members at times of special or critical need and to express our commitment to helping each other.

By filing our a Caring Pledge Form, members commit to provide tangible care and support for members with a special or critical need, such as in the case of illness, surgery, accident, addition to the family or death of a close family member.

Each UUFW member is assigned a Caring Networker who coordinates the needed care and support.

The care provided by the Caring Network is considered a benefit of membership in the UUFW.  In addition, special needs of long-time committed friends of the congregation are considered on an individual basis and will be cared for as appropriate.

Our community is encouraged to reach out to volunteer as individuals to support newcomers and other non-members when needs arise.