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2024 Pledge Form


Make a Pledge

The UUFW is a not-for-profit religious organization resourced through the generosity of its members and various fundraising activities. In late winter each year, we hold a Pledge Drive during which members are asked to commit to a specific amount of financial support during the upcoming fiscal year.  These “pledges” make it possible to accurately budget and plan for our future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pledge? This is a personal decision based on your financial resources and your devotion to our beloved community. If everyone gives as generously as they can, then we will be closer to fully realizing our vision of being a “diverse and vibrant spiritual community” capable of practicing loving-kindness and acting “with justice and generosity in our Fellowship and beyond.”  The UUA Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide can give you a starting point for determining your financial support.

How will my pledged gift be used? Your contributions are used for the operation of our Fellowship. They pay for salaries, facility maintenance and all of our ministry programs, including worship and music, religious education, social action, hospitality, caring network, and all other activities that make the UUFW a singular resource for liberal religion in our area.

Am I expected to pledge as a member of UUFW? Yes. Financial support is one of the responsibilities of membership. Pledging makes it possible for the Fellowship to make a realistic budget for the coming year. If your financial situation makes it difficult for you to pledge, please speak privately with the minister, who has authority to waive a member’s financial support.

Is it possible to “earmark” my pledge for a specific purpose? No. Pledge payments go into the general fund to cover budgeted expenses of the Fellowship. Donations for a specific purpose are always welcome, but they are not counted as pledge payments.

How do I satisfy my pledge?  Most members make a monthly pledge payment, but you can pay it all at once or in other increments. You may pay your pledge in these ways:

  • By mailing your check to: UUFW Treasurer, 565 Pine Ave. Waynesboro, VA 22980
  • By making automatic payments online through your bank
  • By dropping your check into the collection box at the rear of the Fellowship Hall or into the collection basket (Be sure to write “Pledge” in the memo line)
  • With cash (please put cash payments in an envelope labeled “Pledge” with the amount)

Will I receive a bill or statement at any time during the year? You will receive a statement in late January that shows your non-taxable contributions for tax filing. In June, you will receive an email giving the amount still owed on your pledge, if any. It is very helpful for accounting purposes to fulfill you pledge before the end of our fiscal year on June 30.

Will my pledge be confidential? Yes. Knowledge of pledges is limited to the treasurer and administrative staff. If you need to inquire on the status of your pledge payments, contact the administrative assistant at