Unitarian Universalism has a legacy of “deeds not creeds.” Our work for a better world calls us to unexpected places as we harness love’s power to stop oppression.


Social Justice Team
Our Social Justice Team focuses on ways we can engage to change the things in the world that need changing. We recognize the importance of the community service projects of the congregation but believe it is important not to stop there. We want to do our part to change the world so it is better for everyone, not just help people survive the ills around us. The charge of the team is to provide education and action opportunities to the congregation so we can all be engaged in repairing the world.

Social Justice Sunday
Each spring, members of the Social Action Team and others present a special Sunday service around a topic chosen by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, denomination’s national organization providing guidance and action plans on global justice issues.

Special Collections
Each month, a special collection is taken during the Sunday Service for mostly local charitable and justice organizations selected by the minister.