Pledge Drive 2017-18
Our yearly Pledge Drive is in progress and we are taking a No-Frills approach this year. What do we mean by No-Frills?

  • Less time taken up with “Pledge Talk” each Sunday
  • Less paper used to distribute individual requests to each member and friend
  • Less “remember to give” material on walls and tables
  • More direct response to your dislike of Pledge drives
  • More confidence that you understand the importance of pledges to our survival
  • More trust in each of you to support this Fellowship we love

Please take note that contributions via the Annual Pledge Drive are our #1 source of revenue, funding the heart, body and soul of our beloved UUFW. To live out our principles and live up to our new Vision and Mission, we are asking UUFW members and friends to pledge generously.

Some context: The UUFW FY2017 Budget was $167,460.00. Reaching this takes approximately $1088/year per adult member, or $3/day per year. To do more takes more, so we’re counting on you! View the 2016 Program Budget for more information about how your pledge contributes to the vitality of our fellowship.

Pledge via email: As part of our year-long focus on ecological stewardship, rather than sending and returning paper pledge forms, you can simply email our Treasurer, Florence Ferguson at with your pledge commitment

In your email, please give your name(s), the amount of your annual pledge, and any necessary updates to your mailing or email address.

Pledge at the Fellowship: Pledge forms are available at the Fellowship. Once complete, place it in the collection basket, in the treasurer’s box at Chalice House or in the collection box at the back of the Fellowship.

Pledge by Mail: Simply print out and complete a pledge form and mail it to the UUFW 565 Pine Avenue, Waynesboro, VA 22980 with Attn: Treasurer or to Florence Ferguson, written on the envelope.

Only your generous responses will let us know if the No-Frills Pledge Drive works. It is the financial support of our members through regularly paid pledges that allows our Fellowship, not only to survive, but to flourish. Without your financial commitment, our Fellowship will flounder. We hope you will find this new method of pledging easier and would appreciate your feedback.

As in the past, all pledges will be confidential, however they are made. If you have questions, please contact Florence at or 540-828-7048.

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us conclude our quietly successful Pledge Drive for the 2017-18 year by Sunday February 12, the last day of the Pledge Drive.

-The Stewardship Committee and Pledge Drive Task Force


Other Donations

During most Sunday Services, an offering basket is passed during the service for you to make a financial contribution to UUFW. Sometimes, this collection is for a special project, concern or service.

We also combine fun and finances with a yearly auction and yard sale. Members and friends donate to our annual Service Auction and make other non-monetary contributions to our Fellowship throughout the year through their time and talents. Tax law routinely changes regarding non-monetary contributions so please consult your tax advisor if you are considering a tax deduction.

More on Pledging

  1. What is a “pledge”?

A pledge is a promise to donate a certain amount of money to the Fellowship within the fiscal year. Our fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 the following calendar year.

  1. Why pledge and how is my pledge used?

Pledge payments are used for the yearly operation of our Fellowship. This money is used to pay salaries for our Minister, Administrative Assistant and the Director of Religious Education. It is also used to support our committee work, child and adult RE, and all other activities of our Fellowship. In addition, pledges are used for the operation and maintenance of our buildings and grounds.

When members of the UUFW pledge, the Board can establish a realistic operating budget for the coming year.

  1. Is it possible to “earmark” a pledge for a specific purpose?

No.  Pledges go into the UUFW’s general fund. If you wish to support a specific purpose, you are welcome to make a targeted donation in addition to your annual pledge.

  1. Do I have to pledge to be a member of the UUFW?

Yes, pledging is part of being a member of the UUFW. We believe that financial support is one of the responsibilities of membership, and members are expected to make a pledge consistent with their individual circumstances. If your financial situation currently precludes you from making a pledge, please speak privately with the Minister or Treasurer.

  1. Do I need to be a member to contribute?

Anyone can contribute to our Fellowship. Those who would like to support the UUFW financially without formal membership are known as “friends” instead of “members.”

  1. How much should I pledge?

Please see the UUFW Fair Share Giving Guide. Once you have determined how much you would like to pledge, please complete the UUFW Pledge form.

  1. When should I pledge?

You can pledge

    • during the spring pledge drive,
    • any time during the year (you can prorate the amount for the remaining fiscal year) or
    • when you become a member.
  1. When do I need to pay my pledge?

Pledges are due at any time during the fiscal year, July 1– June 30th. Some members pay all at once, some members pay quarterly, others pay monthly or weekly.

  1. How do I pay my pledge?
    • set up an automatic payment to the UUFW through your bank
    • hand your pledge payment to the Treasurer before or after the Sunday service,
    • place your pledge in an envelope and put it into the Treasurer’s mailbox in Chalice House
    • drop your pledge in the donations box in the back of the Fellowship building, or
    • mail it to the UUFW (565 Pine Avenue, Waynesboro, VA 22980) with “Attention, Treasurer” on the envelope.

Make sure to write “pledge payment” on the subject line of your check.

  1. Will I receive a bill or statement at any time during the year?

You will receive a statement in June indicating how much you have pledged for the year and how much of that pledge has been received. Calendar year statements are sent out in January for tax purposes.

  1. How can I change my pledge?

Fill out another pledge card and give it to the Treasurer. Your old pledge will automatically be replaced with the new one.

  1. What about non-monetary gifts to the church?

Please contact the Treasurer for instructions regarding the donation of stock and estate planning.