Lay-Led Service

“Amnesty International Day”

“Amnesty International Day is a time to learn more about the commitments of Amnesty International, the best-known human rights group in the world.  How can we challenge ourselves to be involved in the global justice issues of our time?”

Justice Sunday

Justice Sunday on May 1 was both informational and celebratory!  The theme was economic justice with readings, music in the form of hymns and the choir, kick-off of our vision and mission endeavor, and words from a guest speaker. Sara Blevins, our speaker for the morning, is the financial stability Resource Coordinator for the United … Continued

Christmas Is

Do you remember the song “Christmas is…” composed by Percy Faith? He collaborated with lyricist Spence Maxwell and the song was made popular by the Fireside Singers in 1979. “Christmas is sleigh bells, Christmas is sharing, Christmas is counting, Christmas is caring…deck the hall and give a cheer…Christmas, Merry Christmas when all your wishes come … Continued