Rev. Paul Oakley

The Challenge of the “Alt-Right”

A week ago groups on the far-right fringe gathered in Charlottesville, ostensibly to protest the city’s decision to remove a Confederate memorial. Most Americans were not prepared for the challenges that unfolded. How can we respond?

Five Smooth Stones

Among the most influential descriptions of what was core and key to Unitarian Universalism was James Luther Adams’ “Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion.” Adams was the preeminent UU theologian of the mid-20th century. His five points are still a good description of our approach to religion:   We are always learning new truths. We … Continued

Forgiveness and the Unitarian Universalist

For some, forgiveness is what one asks when one has broken holy rules. For others, it is what is needed to wipe clean the slate of inherited ills. Sometime we forgive others just to let go of the weight of harm done to us. What does forgiveness mean to a covenantal faith like Unitarian Universalism?

Drawing the Circle Wider

Many of us have felt the pain of being excluded in some way and have hoped for a time when we didn’t feel that pain again. But what does it mean to say that inclusion is the very heart of our faith?


When we say we are feeling vulnerable, we often feel like we are talking about a weakness. But vulnerabilities are were we make our most meaningful connections. How can you harness the strength of vulnerability?


July 4th is a marker along the path of “becoming” that we are still on.  Please join us at 10 am in the Fellowship Hall for a sermon topic on “Becoming”.

“Words that Hurt, Words that Heal”

Remember the playground chant, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never harm me”? The things we say and that are said to us are actions that have real-world effect.

“100 Blessings – A Practice of Gratitude”

“Ancient rabbis interpreted a verse from the Torah to mean that a Jew should say 100 blessings every day.  That’s approximately one blessing every 10 minutes!  So what can this encouragement to bless, coming from a very different time and place say that can be at all meaningful in our very different pluralistic cultural and … Continued


In 2017, actual ‘white supremacists’ are not required in order to uphold white supremacist culture. Building a faith full of people who understand that key distinction is essential as we work toward a more just society in difficult political times. Join us as we participate in #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn

Flower Service

The flower service was originally created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek.  The service recognizes the lessons and challenges that Easter poses for UUs.  Bring a flower if you are able and at the end each person takes a different flower than the one they brought.  If you don’t have access to flowers there … Continued