Discontinuity and Hope: Welcome to the other side

The liberal church finds itself in a changing world.  Join Rev. Dr. Dave Owen-O’Quill in exploring how current cultural shifts are shaping new dynamics for all communities of faith, and Unitarian Universalism in particular. This service is the first in a two-sermon series.

The Eighth Principle Project

Many of us are familiar with the seven Unitarian Universalist principles, whether or not we can recite them. Did you know another is being considered? It is a principle committing UU congregations to dismantle racism and other systems of oppressions.

Widows’ Mites and Buried Treasure

Each week we take an offering. We don’t talk much about it, except when it is for another charitable organization. Yet Western religion retells stories Jesus told that use money both literally and metaphorically. Can we still learn something about generosity, spirituality and strategy from … read more.