The Empowerment Controversy, 50 years later

While racism and the battle against it roiled in 1960s’ American society, it also roiled in Unitarian Universalism. The details are now not just in the past but the subject of historical analysis. What have we learned from that time and its missteps?

Sinai, Pentecost, and Our Democratic Process

At the Annual Meeting after this service, Members will receive reports, ask questions, share opinions, and vote on incoming Board members, the budget for the coming fiscal year, and other issues. The sermon will look at what we will be practicing in the annual meeting.

Ever-Present Beauty

We catch glimpses of beauty in our everyday lives, but are we too busy to recognize the depth and breadth of beauty that perpetually surrounds us? How can we heighten our awareness of and appreciation for the beauty that is ever-present in our lives?