The Challenge of the “Alt-Right”

A week ago groups on the far-right fringe gathered in Charlottesville, ostensibly to protest the city’s decision to remove a Confederate memorial. Most Americans were not prepared for the challenges that unfolded. How can we respond?

Five Smooth Stones

Among the most influential descriptions of what was core and key to Unitarian Universalism was James Luther Adams’ “Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion.” Adams was the preeminent UU theologian of the mid-20th century. His five points are still a good description of our approach to religion:   We are always learning new truths. We … Continued

What makes us who we are?

Rev. Britner tackles the nature vs. nurture question by looking at intersectionality—the idea that attributes such as gender, ethnicity, culture, etc. combine in different ways in each of us. This term originally arose in the context of how differently white women and women of color experience sexism and how that changes their respective agendas. This … Continued