Jim Scott Musical Service

Jim Scott will lead this service of his original songs and readings on the idea of Mother Earth or “Gaia” being one living organism. Our “spiritual response” in word and action is so timely now, as “the spirit of life on earth is in crisis.” Jim’s uplifting … read more.

Ethical and Spiritual

The third enumerated source of the Unitarian Universalist tradition is, “Wisdom from the world’s religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life.” World religions. Wisdom. Inspiration. Ethical and Spiritual Living. How does it all fit with Unitarian Universalism? Sermon 4 of 8 in our … read more.

That Befuddling Thing Called God

Drawing inspiration from her spiritual journey and ministry, Barbro Hansson will explore how the concept of God in monotheistic traditions has changed over time and how Unitarian Universalism allows for a wide and broad interpretation of this befuddling thing called God.

We will light the first … read more.