Category: Adult Classes

In recent years, adult classes have been offered on a variety of patterns and topics.

• Some classes have been offered on four, six, or eight successive Thursday (or Tuesday) evenings. Some have been offered once a month through the full church year.

• Classes have been offered in recent years on racial equity, world religions, Unitarian Universalist involvement in the Civil Rights movement, making meaning by telling our personal stories, the relationship of Islam, Judaism and Unitarianism in 16th-Century Transylvania.

• Classes that were requested and offered but which did not have enough interested participants to make include a class on selected books of the Bible read from a liberal religious perspective and “Owning Your Religious Past” (OYRP). OYRP is a curriculum designed to help people process the injuries and the cognitive dissonance experienced in previous religious and meaning-making organizations. The aim is to bring into the present the things one values from that past, while letting go of the power the negative experiences have sometimes continued to hold.

• These classes have been facilitated by our minister and by our minister emeritus, but facilitation/ teaching may also be done by lay members of the Fellowship.

• Because of restrictions on daytime use of our buildings because of ongoing rental of our space, we have not offered daytime classes in the past few years, but beginning in the summer of 2019, our long-term renter will no longer be using our space. So we will plan some daytime class offerings in addition to the evening offerings.

Check this space from time to time to see what the current offerings are.