If potentially unsafe weather conditions are in progress or appear imminent, the Minister and President will confer to decide whether to cancel a scheduled service, consulting the Worship and Music Team Leader, Building and Grounds Team Leader, and Director of Religious Education as needed. If a Sunday service is cancelled, the Minister or President will immediately notify the following people by telephone:
  • The Worship and Music Team Leader who will:
    • Notify anyone outside the congregation who is responsible for part of the service;
  • The Administrative Assistant who will:
    • Send out an e-mail message to the congregation;
    • Notify the webmaster who will post a notice on the UUFW website;
    • Notify the Facebook moderator who will post a notice on our Facebook page;
    • Record a new voicemail message to notify callers of the cancelled service;
  • The Caring Network Leader who will:
    • Activate the phone tree;
  • The DRE who will:
    • Notify the day’s RE teachers and volunteers and the childcare worker.
Procedure updated on 2017-02-08
NOTE: In every situation, please use your own judgment about whether the roads near you are safe to travel. We want you to be safe!