Guest Minister

The Stillness and the Spark

The coming of a new year holds a special opportunity to pause and reflect on the past, even as we nurture our hopes for the future.  What does this invitation hold for each of us?  How might we balance lessons of the past with possibilities … read more.

Love Does Not Insist

After writing that love is patient and kind, the Apostle Paul wrote that “love does not insist on its own way.” Yet, healthy relationships have healthy boundaries, which seems at odds with the apostle’s description. Rev. Paul Britner sorts this out in a message about … read more.


The Millennial generation has been a media scapegoat for the past few years. They have been blamed for the death of Applebee’s, the housing market and even fabric softener. Often called “self-absorbed and entitled,” they have been portrayed as out-of-touch with the world around them. … read more.

Stealing Hope

At its most basic level, hope is the belief that things can be better. Yet, we put many obstacles in the way of our own hope, including inappropriate roles, rigid rules, and unrealistic expectations.

Why Be Normal?

Unitarian Universalists pride ourselves on their radical individuality. Yet, as humans, we want to belong and connect with others. This sermon explores how we navigate the tension between being ourselves and being with others.

The Elephant in the Room

How can we discover the truth of the divine among a myriad of opinions? How do we honor so many different spiritual ways of being under one roof? How do we address the elephant in the room?


Walter Clark is a candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry … read more.