Guest Minister

The Reckoning

Revelations of sexual misconduct just keep coming. We must navigate between believing accusers and honoring the presumption of innocence. We also must find a way to love people who have deeply disappointed us. Rev. Britner draws on careers as both lawyer and minister in this … read more.

The Elephant in the Room

How can we discover the truth of the divine among a myriad of opinions? How do we honor so many different spiritual ways of being under one roof? How do we address the elephant in the room?


Walter Clark is a candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry … read more.

The Masks We Wear

Halloween is a time when children can choose to be whatever they want, but who do we choose to be and do the masks we wear hide or enhance ourselves?

Walter Clark, M.Div., has done ministerial internships at Unitarian Universalist congregations in Richmond and Newport News.

The Spirit of Samhain

The Celtic holiday of Samhain is a large influence on our modern celebration of Halloween, but what can we learn spiritually from Samhain today?

Walter Clark, M.Div., is a candidate for the Unitarian Universalist ministry.