Discontinuity and Hope: Facing the strange

The liberal church finds itself in a changing world.  Join Rev. Dr. Dave Owen-O’Quill in exploring how current cultural shifts are shaping new dynamics for all communities of faith, and Unitarian Universalism in particular. This service is the second in a two-sermon series.

The Third Principle

In this sixth sermon in our series on the principles of Unitarian Universalist, we will consider our congregations’ commitment to affirm and promote acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth. What are the challenges and opportunities in this commitment?

Our Transcendentalist Heritage: Margaret Fuller

Never fully at ease identifying herself as a Unitarian or even as a Transcendentalist, despite being the first editor of the transcendentalist journal The Dial, Margaret Fuller, nevertheless, was an important figure to mid-19th-century Transcendentalists and Unitarians. What does she offer that continues to touch … read more.

Beating the Earth, Hosannah!

The Sunday before Easter is observed as Palm Sunday, when Christians carry palm fronds in a procession echoing the “Triumphal Entry” of Jesus into Jerusalem. But the story features the ritual of Hoshanah Rabah (“Great Hosanah,” a ritual from a different time of year). Why … read more.

Flower Service | Easter

Our annual flower service falls on Easter Sunday. In a religion that centers on covenant among members rather than on belief, this 20th-century Unitarian ritual allows us to celebrate the flowering of grace and consider what meaning we may find in Easter without required beliefs … read more.

From Our Walls

In this service, members who have brought art from their own collections to adorn the Fellowship walls will talk about what the piece(s) they shared mean to them. In what way does art enrich our lives and enhance our spirituality?

The Promise and the Practice

The UUA Board and President are inviting every Unitarian Universalist congregation to be part of “The Promise and the Practice,” a Sunday to commit our full support for Black Lives of UU and to reimagine the future of our faith.

Justice Sunday

Each year, we follow the leadership of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee in a justice service focused on a shared concern in the wider world. We will announce the topic of this year’s focus when materials are available from the UUSC.

Justice, Equity, Compassion

Certainly since Martin Luther King, Jr. called Unitarian Universalists to Selma and two of our people were martyred there, these guideposts have been central to the UU spirit. In this seventh of eight sermons on UU principles, we will consider what we’ve signed on to … read more.

Our Universalist Heritage: Olympia Brown

Olympia Brown (1835-1926) was an American suffragist and was the first woman of any American denomination to graduate from a theological school and receive full ordination (in 1863) and a call to full-time ordained ministry. She pastored churches at Weymouth, Massachusetts; Bridgeport, Connecticut; and in Racine, Wisconsin.

Bridging and Coming of Age

In this Religious Education-focused service, those graduating high school will go through the bridging ceremony and youth who have completed the coming-of-age class will share their learning with the congregation.

Torah Portion – Naso

Rev. Paul will preach on this Friday at Temple House of Israel in Staunton as part of a pulpit exchange with Rabbi Joe Blair. Both will preach this weekend on a topic from the Torah portion Naso (Numbers 4:21–7:89). What can this confusing and archaic … read more.

Torah Portion – Naso

Rabbi Joe Blair will preach at UUFW in pulpit exchange with Rev. Paul. Both will preach this weekend on a topic from the Torah portion Naso (Numbers 4:21–7:89). What can this confusing and archaic portion offer 21st-century people, some of whom are conflicted or doubtful … read more.

Inherent Worth and Dignity

This is the eighth and final sermon in our series on Unitarian Universalist principles. First in the list, it seems to challenge the seventh in the list and set up the individualism as the prime value of Unitarian Universalism. What is it really about? And … read more.

The Meaning of Membership

On this day of the Annual Meeting of our Fellowship, we count the quorum. How many members are present? Do we have enough to vote on the issues before us this year? Other than voting, though, what is being a member all about?

LGBTQ Pride Service

Why do we celebrate Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer Pride? We’ve got marriage equality now throughout the US. So why do we, an LGBTQ+ Welcoming Congregation, still need to say anything about it? Why do we need to make our commitments of support and welcome explicit? Details TBA.